Damage Elimination: Our Core Commitment

Locating, Inc. consistently exceeds industry performance and safety standards with an incomparable record for safety, quality and accuracy. Our clients feel confident knowing that before any excavation, the locate has been performed precisely, minimizing the risk of damages. Locating, Inc. executes each job, allowing the client to focus on core competencies while reducing damages to underground plant and lowering the overall cost of owning distribution facilities.

The combination of our skilled staff, extensive training, state-of-the-art technology and best-in-class processes, give our clients confidence that each locate will be completed in accordance with customer specifications and applicable state laws.

  1. Industry Leadership — Locating, Inc. completes more than 15 million locate requests per year with an impeccable accuracy rating, making us the most recognized name in the facility locating and damage prevention industry.
  2. Geographic Footprint — With nearly 50 offices from coast-to-coast, significant financial resources and a highly-skilled workforce comprised of nearly 2,000 employees, Locating, Inc. is there when you need us — and we’re positioned to be your partner now and well into the future.
  3. Pinpoint Technology — Locating, Inc. uses satellite-based, next-generation technology, including the latest in automated wireless workforce dispatch and ticket management systems. This technology suite allows us to:
    1. Assure on-time completion of locates
    2. Certify technician presence at the job site
    3. Have real-time visibility to the work performed by each technician
    4. Review technician’s completed locates within minutes of completion on a near real-time basis
    5. Produce unalterable electronic documentation of all locate work performed
    6. Interface with all One-Call Center system
    7. Identify root causes of damages, and necessary training requirements
    8. Enhance process improvement initiatives